Anthony Park

Musician - Rock
Jersey Village High School c/o 1988

Singer for Pushmonkey


Anthony "Tony" Justice Park was born with a gift from above. His gift was the ability to make due with what he was given and produce success at every turn. You see little Tony Justice was raised by a family that instilled a tremendous work ethic. Hard times were no stranger to the Park household. Making a living in Illinois proved to be a challenge for the Park family. The Parks owned and operated the only circus peanut factory north of Oklahoma. When the tragic "elephant tap-dance massacre" occurred at the Illinois State fair in 1976, the circus industry suffered a devastating downturn. Circus productions around the country closed shop and along with it those joyous orange marshmallow treats would find no buyers. This spelled out bleak times for the Park household for many years to come. Sometimes adversity gives way to greatness, and this was no exception. Challenged my meager financial means, Tony took it upon himself to create the things he and his family needed.

Tony knew he had to use his gifts from above to save his family. Armed with his seductive eyes (eyes that would surely have calmed down those elephants if he would have been there) and his luck with the ladies, Tony brainstormed for a solution to his family's financial troubles. Illinois is well known for its lack of attractive men. Tony had the brilliant idea of servicing the lonely women of his hometown with some good ol' fashioned lovemaking. Drawing upon his natural talent of marketing he had honed in the family business, Tony knew he had to make these encounters with these women more than just sex. He was determined to make it "The Greatest Show On Earth". After months of test marketing, Tony had the perfect attraction. With some Karo syrup that was left over from the circus peanut factory, Tony created the "Little Tony Justice Treat". This was a combination of a sexual and food extravaganza that caught on like wildfire in the underground world of the man whore scene. It was through this underground craze that gave rise to edible underwear and flavored condoms. Tony failed to patent his "dipping" technique and subsequently lost out on the lucrative royalty market. Nevertheless, Tony saved his family from financial devastation and with the money that he made over two years time, Tony and his family packed up and moved to Texas.

Tony would attend the University of Texas and in no time his charm would begin to work its magic with the ladies. At Longhorn Band practice one day, the president of Beta Lambda Gamma approached Tony. Beta Lambda Gamma was a band sorority that was interested in him becoming a pledge. Tony accepted the invitation and Mr. Park became the only male member of a sorority in the history of The University of Texas. This in and of itself was not that big of deal. What was a big deal was his role in the Sorority. As secret legend would have it, taking a ride on the "Little Tony Justice Treat" was the final part of the initiation process to be a member of the sorority. When word of this practice got to the Chancellor, Beta Lambda Gamma's charter was revoked. At the same time a legend was born. Tony Park would have to find a way to continue to serve needy women all over the world. If the University couldn't handle it, then he would just have to take his show on the road. If it couldn't be the circus, then it would be a rock band. All he needed was four other like-minded guys with a heart of gold and the spirit of giving.

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